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Our Day Service is located in the heart of the community in Chadderton, just behind the Town Hall. We open from 9am-3.30pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays (These times can be flexible in accordance with your care package to best suit your needs - we can offer a bespoke service combining Day Service/1:1 support). Our Day Service is a fun place to be, filled with laughter and endless amounts of activities to keep everybody entertained. Our building also offers areas which are perfect for those who prefer a quieter, relaxed atmosphere. The Day Service is an ideal place to build friendships, explore opportunities and ensures peace of mind for friends, families and carers.


We have a vast range of activities available at the day service and local community, such as...


Bikes for All – adapted bikes in an indoor and outdoor setting, which can build on your motor skills and mobility


Zumba Fitness – our fully qualified Zumba instructor does a weekly class – this will get your blood pumping and is guaranteed to make you smile!


Swimming – we encourage our service users who are able to do so, to visit the local swimming baths as often as possible.


Music Therapy – at Pathways we are firm believers that ‘Music is the key to the soul’– we have a ‘Music Man’ that comes monthly, and have a fantastic amp and disco light system which provides endless hours of karaoke, dancing and entertainment for those who enjoy music.


Relaxation and Pamper Sessions – we have foot spas, creams, relaxing music and gentle hands which will ensure you are fully de-stressed. We also have make-up, nail varnishes and encourage you to bring in your own toiletries for a little ‘spruce up’ to make you feel wonderful before you go home.


Arts and Crafts – we provide paints, pencils, paper and other materials to bring out the creative side in you. We particularly enjoy making crafts around special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas and any other holiday we can celebrate!


Bowling - all our service users love a fun game of Ten Pin bowling at the local Bowling Alley – how many strikes can you get?


Parties! - we LOVE to party at Pathways to Opportunities, and we have so much fun hosting Christmas, Summer and Halloween Parties throughout the year. We’re also partial to having fancy dress competitions if you are up to the challenge!


Day Trips – in recent years, we have been to places such as: Chester Zoo, Blackpool, Southport, Manchester City Centre, etc. We like to arrange these trips once or twice a year and always have a memorable day.


...and many more e.g. Indoor Bowling, Pool, Sit and Get Fit, Box Stories, Sensory Activities, Parachute Games, the list goes on!










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